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Deputy Commissioner, Karimganj Recruitment Result for post of Amin


The candidates having following Roll Numbers are hereby selected for appointment to the post of Amin in the amalgamated establishment of the Deputy Commissioner, Karimganj against Advertisement No. KRK.1/2016/PT-l/85-86, dated 05.01.2017.

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Un-reserve category:
KRK-1, KRK-2, KRK-9, KRK 15, KRK-16, KRK-17, KRK-18, KRK-24, KRK-27, KRK-37, KRK-49, KRK-50, KRK-55, KRK-60, KRK-63, KRK-64, KRK-65, KRK-66, KRK-68, KRK-73, KRK-74, KRK-75, KRK-85, KRK-98, KRK-178.
OBC/MOBC Category:
KRK-8, KRK-14, KRK-19, KRK-22, KRK-44, KRK-53, KRK-61, KRK-67, KRK-69, KRK-70, KRK-71, KRK-72, KRK-77, KRK-79, KRK-86, KRK-96, KRK-97, KRK-126, KRK-140, KRK-155.
ST(P) Category:
KRK-89, KRK.95, KRK-101, KRK-103, KRK-104, KRK-123, KRK-134, KRK-138, KRK-139, KRK-141, KRK-147, KRK-169.
ST(H) Category:
KRK-81, KRK-111, KRK-114, KRK-115, KRK-120, KRK-121.
SC Category:
KRK-29, KRK-78, KRK-87.

NB- While every care has
been taken to prepare this list, the Mission Directorate (PMAY-HFA (U)), Assam
will not take any responsibility for inadvertent mistakes in printing of Roll

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