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NRC Assam Online Result Check – Full Part Draft NRC on June 2018

NRC Assam Online Result Check – Full Part Draft NRC on 30th June 2018: Hello Everyone, Are you waiting to check your names in National Register of Citizens (NRC) Final Full Part Draft.  If yes! Then you are in the right place. Check Your Family  Tree Verification  Center. Prior to December 31, 2017, the Supreme Court of India was asked to publish the partial draft NRC of Assam. After the publication of part draft NRC Assam, people are able to correct their wrong details or make any necessary changes. After all the reforms, the final and main NRC will be published in the month of August 2018 (required).

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NRC Assam Full Part Draft Download Mode: Online & Offline

NRC Assam Current Process

The process of updating National Registration of Citizens (NRC) of Assam started in June 2015. The Government was already published a part of draft NTC on January 1, 2018, and after that the NRC Assam department concerned started work quickly. Currently viewing NRC Assam Family Tree & Panchayat/Lot Mandal/Circle Officer Certificate.

Check Your Family  Tree Verification  Center

If your name is not listed in the 1st part draft list nrc assam, don’t worry! Your Name will be listed in the 2nd Draft List NRC. Nrc assam second draft list will be published on 31st may 2018. And before that Nrc assam family tree verification is going on. The family tree verification for second draft list NRC Assam is starting from February 2018. In this article we are going to discuss about NRC verification process, family tree verification date and center. And also provide information about how to know family tree verification date and center. 

How to check online NRC family tree verification date venue :

Here is the step-by-step process of How to your family tree verification date venue and time-

1. At first you need to visit official website of www.nrcassam.nic.in.

2. You can a green line on the top which contain check family tree verification venue.

3. Click on that.

4. Now enter your ARN Number (Application register number).

5. Enter the captcha you see.

6. Click submit button.

7. Your family tree verification details will appear.

How to Download NRC List Assam

According to the latest information, the second and full NRC project will be published on June 30, 2018.

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➧ The copies of available NRC, 1951 and the copies of available Electoral Rolls upto 1971 referred to as Legacy Data would be made available for inspection at LRCR Office known as NRC Seva Kendras (NSK) and at notified Polling Stations during the office hours from 10 AM to 6PM.

➧  Quoting of names of self or parents or ancestors appearing in any of these documents shall be important to support the claim for inclusion in updated NRC while submitting the Application Form to be distributed house to house shortly. 

➧  As such the citizens are requested to look for their own/parents’/ancestor’s names in the documents published at the designated NSK and Polling Station.

➧  Further, names of only those persons would ordinarily be available in the Legacy Data who would have been 21 years of age in 1971, meaning thereby that they would have been born around 1950 or before.

➧  On finding such records in the published copies, citizens would be required to record the unique combination of their entry as appearing in the stated documents by noting down the (1) Image ID (2) Sl No of the House No and/or Serial No within household and (3) the name of the person as recorded in the document.

➧  After recording such particulars the citizens can approach the officials at the NSK, who on receiving the recorded particulars would provide Legacy Data slip to the citizens containing a unique Code known as Legacy Data Code. This exercise shall be crucial as the citizens would be required to furnish the unique Legacy Data Code in the Application Form to support the claim of inclusion in updated NRC.

➧  It is further notified that the records available in the laptop computers at the NSKs contain the Legacy Data, that are the records enlisted in NRC 1951 & Electoral Rolls up to 1971, as available in the districts and thereafter computerized with a multi lingual search engine to assist the public in finding their names easily.

➧  In this regard it is hereby made clear that the computerized Legacy Data is just a tool to facilitate easy search, and by no means the only resort for finding proof of eligibility for inclusion in the updated NRC.

➧  The Legacy Database are old and even some are found in faded, torn condition, for which 100% digitization of all records may not have been  possible. As such if someone’s name is not found in the computerized search the person can still look up for such records in the published copies made available at the NRC Seva Kendras (NSKs).

➧  Even if one does not find his or her name in the published documents application still be made for inclusion in NRC by providing any of the other admissible documents.

➧  As such unavailability of one’s own or forefather’s name in Legacy Data in the computer is not a deterrent for applying and inclusion in NRC if the applicant can produce any of the other admissible documents as well.

➧  The Legacy Data search shall alsobe available for search in the website of NRC, Assam (nrcassam.nic.in).

➧  It is to be noted here that for inclusion in NRC the applicant need not submit all the documents, but only any one of the documents admissible for inclusion in the updated NRC. It can be either 1951 NRC, any one of the electoral rolls upto 1971 or any one of the other admissible documents. Further, one NSK shall have the database of the entire state for easy search of data from any part of the state that makes the searching easy for people who have changed residence after 1971.

➧  In some cases, citizens might have certified copies/extracts of the Legacy Data with them. In such cases also, certified copy/extract has to be cross checked with records available with Government. Such certified copies/extracts shall be considered for eligibility for inclusion in updated NRC only if found correct as per such cross checking, and an official unique Legacy Data Code issued as per protocol. In such cases citizens would have to go to the nearest NSK along with the certified copy of the Legacy Data and get the data searched. In case, any match is found with the database then a Legacy Data Code shall be assigned. In case, there’s no match found, then Legacy Data Code shall be furnished only after thorough scrutiny of the certified copy submitted. In such cases an Acknowledgement ID, but not final Legacy Data Code, shall be issued to the applicant. At the NSK, while issuing the Acknowledgement ID, the mobile number of the person will be noted. Legacy Code of the applicant, if found genuine in the verification process, shall be communicated via SMS.  In case the result of verification is found negative, the same also be communicated via SMS. 

➧  In case if someone’s name is found in the Legacy Data image, but the correspondence digitized record is not found then a temporary image ID known as DLDD*ID will be issued. After verification of particulars a Legacy Data Code shall be issued against the DLDD * ID. At the NSK, while issuing the DLDD * ID, the mobile number of the person will be noted and the person be informed by the NSK Operator of his Legacy Data Code via SMS.

➧  Citizen would be entitled to receive only a legacy data slip containing legacy data code at the NSKs, and not the photocopy of legacy data image.

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Who Are Eligible For Inclusion?
Persons whose names appear in NRC, 1951.
Persons whose names appear in any of the Electoral Rolls up to 24th March (midnight), 1971.
Descendants of the above persons.
Persons who came to Assam on or after 1st January 1966 but before 25th March 1971 and registered themselves in accordance with the rules made by the Central Government with the Foreigners Registration Regional Officer (FRRO) and who have not been declared as illegal migrants or foreigners by the competent authority.
Persons who are original inhabitant of Assam and their children and descendant who are citizens of India provided the citizenship of such personas is ascertained reasonable doubt by the registering authority.
‘D’ voters can apply for inclusion of their names in the updated NRC. However, their names will. Be finally included only when the appropriate Foreigner Tribunal declares them as non-foreigners.
Persons who can provide any one of the documents issued upto midnight of 24th March, 1971 as mentioned in the list of documents admissible for citizenship.
All Indian Citizens including their children and descendants who have moved to Assam post 24th March 1971 would be eligible for inclusion in the updated NRC on adducing satisfactory proof of residence in any part of the country (outside Assam) as on 24th March, 1971.
All the members of the Tea Tribes shall be covered under ‘Original inhabitants of Assam’ category provided for under Clause 3(3) of the Schedule of The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003.
All such original inhabitants shall be included on the basis of proof to the satisfaction of the Registering Authority. On establishment of the citizenship of such persons beyond reasonable doubt, their names shall be in the updated NRC.

After completion of the disposal of claims and the objections final registers at various levels, namely, Local Register of Citizens (LRC), Circle Register of Citizens (CRC), and the District Register of Citizens (DRC) shall then be published as Final Updated SRC (NRC for the state).

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Important Links of NRC Assam 

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Check your Family Tree/ Gaon Panchayat/ Lot Mandal/ Circle Officer Certificates hearing dates and details 

Check your Family Tree Verification Center

Check Your Verification Center for GP Secretary/Lot Mandal/Circle Officer Certificates

NRC Assam Official Website: www.nrcassam.nic.in

Disclaimer : We are not Officials of NRC, not affiliated with official support. So, don’t share your Personal information here. We posted this article for general information purpose only and all the information we share, are collected from different internet sources & News Paper. Before taking any further step Please Confirm it from Official website of NRC http://nrcassamonline.net/ admin is not responsible for any of your activity. Thank You

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